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Remodel - Tacoma

Know the price before we start.

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Remodel - Tacoma

Know the price before we start.

Call Us: 206-290-5763

Rental Property Maintenance Tacoma


Whether you own or manage rental property, keeping up with the maintenance of your properties can be difficult. Rental property maintenance can also be a large financial drain on the bottom line if you are not working with the right company.

Hiring Seattle Handyman Pros for rental property maintenance in Tacoma, WA is a good idea. The assistance of an experienced rental property maintenance company is the easiest way any owner or manager will their occupancy rate high, keep their properties in good condition, and have the time to focus on other areas of management.

We provide rental property maintenance services in Tacoma for:

  • Apartments and Condos
  • Single-family homes or duplexes
  • Office buildings
  • Other types of properties

We believe in upfront pricing and provide our Tacoma property owners and managers a detailed estimate of all costs involved before we begin and as we continue working on your properties.

Renovating a Rental Property Tacoma


The requirement of renovating a rental property is not just to keep the property well maintained but also to bring the property up to date and add to its curb appeal and value. You must choose experts for rental property renovation as they know the intricacies of property renovation.

We have been renovating rental property for Tacoma owners and managers for a long time. When you choose us to renovate a rental property, we keep the following factors in mind:

  • Budget
  • The look you want to achieve
  • Minimal disruption for tenants
  • Local codes

With us as the company handling the renovations for your rental property in Tacoma, you need not worry about anything. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, offering you peace of mind.

Tacoma Rental Property Repairs


Having a dependable handyman to assist with rental property repairs is a necessity for all rental property owners. Let us help you keep your properties consistently rented because they are in the best shape in the area.

We complete all major and minor rental property repairs quickly and efficiently. With a service that offers the best in customer service, pricing, and quality of work it is not hard to understand why we are the best partner you could possibly have in Tacoma.

Some of the rental property repairs we handle include:

  • Plumbing repairs
  • Minor Electrical repairs
  • Drywall patching and repair

Feel free to call Seattle Handyman Pros for renovation, maintenance, or repairs for your rental property in Tacoma. You will be glad you did!