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Remodel - Lakewood

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Remodel - Lakewood

Know the price before we start.

Call Us: 206-290-5763

Rental Property Maintenance Lakewood


Are you a landlord concerned about the upkeep of your investment property? Do you need professional assistance with rental property maintenance in Lakewood, WA? Get in touch with Seattle Handyman Pros. We are a leading general contractor that offers a multitude of handyman services for residential and property owners.

Our capabilities include renovating a rental property, carrying out rental property repairs and taking care of rental property maintenance in the Lakewood area. Ensuring proper rental property maintenance is an important aspect of being a landlord. It helps in:

  • Retaining good tenants
  • Preventing major issues
  • Preserving the property in top condition
  • Enhancing the resale and rental value of the property

A lot of time and labor go into rental property maintenance. So, most Lakewood landlords find it hard to fit it into their daily tasks. Our rental property maintenance services are the perfect solution to their problem!

Renovating a Rental Property Lakewood


Landlords who pay attention to their properties appreciate the importance renovating a rental property. Over the years, rental properties can lose their appeal due to wear and tear from constant usage and changing trends.

Renovating a rental property helps Lakewood property managers increase its curb appeal, interior appearance, and functionality. This instantly leads to improving the type of tenants and rental rates that you want.

No matter what inspires you to have your investment property renovated, let us handle the job. We are known for carrying out some of the best upgrades for rental property in the area.

Hiring us for renovating a rental property in Lakewood assures you of services that combine the best in:

  • Materials
  • Workmanship
  • Prices
  • Customer support

Lakewood Rental Property Repairs


Need rental property repairs in Lakewood? Looking for a competent handyman to trust with the job? We can help. Whether you are a tenant that wants to get some minor rental property repairs done or a landlord searching for skilled technicians to perform major rental property repairs in Lakewood, call us.

We can take care of all the jobs on your rental property repair checklist and assure you of:

  • Getting the job done quickly
  • Providing professional and lasting repair solutions
  • Charging fair, competitive prices

When you are planning on renovating a rental property in Lakewood, call Seattle Handyman Pros at (206) 290-5763. We are the experts to call for rental property maintenance, rental property renovation, and rental property repairs.