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Bathroom - Kitchen Remodel Mercer Island

Know the price before we start.

Call Us: 206-290-5763
Bathroom - Kitchen Remodel Mercer Island

Know the price before we start.

Call Us: 206-290-5763

Bathroom Remodel Mercer Island


Planning a bathroom remodel for your Mercer Island, WA property? Get in touch with Seattle Handyman Pros. We are a highly reputable remodeling contractor that has been serving the community since 1991. A bathroom remodel is a wonderful investment into improving the interior aesthetics, efficiency and resale value of a home or property.

Whether you want to get a large bathroom renovated or only want a small bathroom remodel, the project may call for a significant financial commitment. That is why you should be careful about which of the available bathroom remodeling contractors you choose to work with. Hire us for your bathroom remodel job in Mercer Island and be assured that your hard-earned money will be put to good use.

We offer inventive bathroom remodel ideas to increase the luxury, style quotient and utility of your bathing space. The upgrades we perform in bathrooms include:

  • Increasing storage space
  • Improving energy and water efficiency
  • Changing layout
  • Replacing flooring
  • Installing trendy fixtures

Kitchen Remodel Mercer Island


Our services can also be hired for residential and kitchen remodel jobs in Mercer Island. There are a number of reasons why you would consider getting your kitchen renovated. Primarily, property owners are motivated to schedule a kitchen remodel to modernize their cooking area if it has become dull and outdated over time.

Upgrading the room to suit an improved lifestyle, meet changed needs or to fetch a better price for the property are some other reasons why people plan for kitchen remodel projects. Whatever your inspiration, we are the remodeling contractor to hire.

Whether you call us to remodel a kitchen on a tight budget or cost is no issue, we offer:

  • Creative or practical kitchen remodel ideas
  • Seamless workmanship on the job
  • Top-grade supplies
  • On-time project completion

Mercer Island Remodeling Contractor


Our remodeling contractor is driven by our stellar reputation and we take pride in the steadfast loyalty of our large number of customers. Our commitment to upholding high standards of service quality is what sets us apart from other local remodeling contractors.

No kitchen and bathroom remodel job is too big or too small for us. Hiring us as your remodeling contractor in Mercer Island is an assurance of:

  • Professional service
  • Excellent results
  • Competitive rates

For your protection, we are a licensed, bonded and insured remodeling contractor.

Hire Seattle Handyman Pros for your bathroom or kitchen remodel project in Mercer Island. Call us at (206) 290-5763.